Haahua i te tumu

Hiva Oa

Mave mai

Welcome to the Marquesas Islands Arts Festival. The Marquesas Islands Arts Festival is a biennial event, each time held in one of the six inhabited islands of the Marquesan archipelago. This year the festival will be held in Hiva Oa, the capital of the southern group. Marked with characteristic authenticity, this festival is now renowned throughout the Pacific and is a true place of exchange for Polynesian cultures that find their sources,among others, in the Marquesas, “Terre des Hommes”. Three valleys are hosting the festivities: Atuona, Taaoa and Puamau. Accommodation capacities on the Island are modest, but do not hesitate to contact the different hosts about their availability. We hope you will join this friendly and warm appointment on the most remote islands of any continent. In the Marquesas festival, no one is spectator, everyone gets involved.

“Haahua i te tumu”

The theme of the 2015 festival is "Haahua tumu i te", which can mean a return to basics, to the fundamentals of Marquesian culture. The previous three festivals have paid tribute to the masters of the expertise and knowledge to apprentices before causing the challenge, including un-published dances. The delegations will be invited to Hiva Oa to present their performances on the basis of this thematic thread.

First logo

The first logo of the 2015 edition of the Marquesas Islands Arts Festival shows the unbreakable link between the Marquisian man and "Land of Men", his island essence of what it is. The Marquisian man blows in a pū to invite all the Marquesas Islands to the party and the tiki honors the legacy of previous generations.
J. Oberlin / C. Chavaillon / M. Tarrats

Second Logo

The second festival logo is the tiki tohua Pehekua at Puamau, representative of the Marquesian tikis. The gesture of the hand-to-mouth evokes the Kaake pattern tattooed on the people that we had to protect and nourish even in times of famine. Associated with the image of the 2015 festival, this tiki recalls the importance of referring and protecting the foundations of Marquesian culture.
C. Chavaillon / M. Tarrats


from 15 to 19 December 2015

15 pô e ùa

Tuesday 15

19h00 Port de Tahauku

  • Soirée de présentation à l’attention des touristes
  • Projections
  • Conférences
  • Barbecue - buvette
  • Ambiance locale

Proposé par les 6 comités du tourisme des îles Marquises

16 pô e toù

Wednesday 16

08h00 Baie Motuneue - Atuona
entre la pointe Teaepoto et le motu Hanakee

  • Exercice sécurité
  • Sauveteurs en mer SSM01
  • Hélicoptère Dauphin 35F
  • Pompiers volontaires
  • Personnels du Centre Médical

Organisé sous l’égide du MRCC Papeete et de la Direction de la Défense et de la Protection Civile du Haut-Commissariat

15h00  Tohua Popo - Atuona

  • Cérémonie d'ouverture du MATAVAA O TE FENUA ENATA
  • Défilé de l’ensemble des délégations
  • Entrée des délégations marquisiennes dans l’ordre de la généalogie
  • Rari Matatetau
  • Prière oecuménique
  • Hymne marquisien
  • Discours protocolaires
  • Ouverture officielle du festival

17h30 Tohua Popo - Atuona

  • Prestations de danses : TAHUATA / TAKI TOA

17 pô e fa

Thursdat 17

07h00 Tahauku

  • Accueil du navire Aranui 5

08h00 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona

  • Ha’ame’ie o te Tohua Pepeu

08h30 Village des artisans - Atuona

  • Inauguration du village des artisans
  • Hiva Oa : Haka - Kaoha
  • Défis de sculptures à l’ancienne et de costumes traditionnels

10h00 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona


11h00 Tohua Popo - Atuona

  • UMU TAO - Ouverture des grands fours traditionnels marquisiens


13h00 Village des artisans - Atuona

  • Démonstrations de pani Keka’a, de couronnes, de tressage, de colliers…

13h30 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona

  • Danses : RAPA NUI / UA POU / UA HUNA

15h30 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona

  • Conférence Pascal Erhel « Le renouveau culturel marquisien »

16h10 Tohua Pepeu- Atuona

  • Danse : TOA VII FENUA

16h50 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona

  • Conférence Teiki Huukena « Le tatouage »

18h45 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona

  • Hiva Oa : Tapatapa

19h00 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona

  • Prestations de danses : HIVA OA / FATUIVA / TOA HUHINA / RIKITEA / NUKU HIVA

18 pô e ìma

Friday 18

08h00 Tohua Upeke - Taaoa

  • Accueil par la population
  • Taaoa : Putu - Ha’akakai no Upeke
  • Taaoa : Rari - Tape’a

08h00 Village des artisans - Atuona

  • Démonstrations en continu

09h00 Village des artisans - Atuona

  • Siméon Huuti - Démonstrations de tatouage traditionnel

10h00 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona

  • Ua Pou : Tapatapa

13h30 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona

  • Hiva Oa : jeux par les enfants
  • Vaeake / Courses pirogue aupo’a
  • Hiva Oa : démonstration de lutte

14h45 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona

  • Ua Pou : Tapatapa 

15h00 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona

  • Conférence Toti Teikihakaupoko « Motu Haka : Te Matavaa »

16h00 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona

  • Hiva Oa : Kuku (enfants)

16h45 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona

  • Invitation à la danse de l’oiseau

17h10 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona

  • Conférence E. Olivier & C. Chavaillon « Les sites archéologiques»

19h00 Tohua Pepeu- Atuona

  • Prestations de danses : UA HUNA / TOA VII FENUA / UA POU / RAPA NUI

19 tameti

Saturday 19

07h00 Tohua Upeke - Atuona

  • Messe Organisée par l’Église Catholique

08h30 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona

  • Présentation des défis
  • Défis du feu
  • Jeux traditionnels

08h00 Tohua Iipona - Puamau

  • Accueil par la population
  • Cérémonie sur le site des grands tiki
  • Kaikai umu tao

14h30 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona

  • Défilé des délégations

17h30 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona

  • Remise du bâton
  • Hymne
  • Maraianui (dernière danse de clôture)

19h00 Tohua Pepeu - Atuona

  • Soirée cinéma : Projection des anciens festivals avec Polynésie Première
Download the program in pdf
Download the program in pdf


An exceptional encounter, a highlight, a real emotion.

inhabitants of the Marquesas Islands. Each island of the Marquesas is represented by a delegation.
Marquesas delegations consist of six inhabited islands of the archipelago.
external participants to the delegations will of the party.
festival participant came from Tahiti, Rikitea and Rapa Nui (Easter Island) will be the appointment of the Marquesan culture.

11 delegations from 9 islands

Hiva Oa

Hiva Oa

Hiva Oa Island is the organizer of this 10th edition. Its delegation is famous for its traditional dances drawn from the heart of the ancient memory.

300 people

Group Leader: Patrice Kaimuko

Nuku Hiva

Nuku Hiva

The delegation of Nuku Hiva is recognized for the homogeneity of the group and the quality of its dances.

300 people

Group Leader: Poea HAITI

Ua Pou

Ua Pou

Ua Pou is the origin of the first arts festival Marquesas Islands. His delegation regularly impresses by modern dances.

300 people

Group Leader: Ben TEIKITUTOUA

Ua Huna

Ua Huna

Ua Huna organized the previous festival Marquesas. His delegation shines the ardor of his youth.

150 people

Group Leader: Sylvain FOURNIER



The delegation is closest Tahuata close to that of Hiva Oa. She regularly shows for its original thematic lived closest to the Marquesas.

150 people

Group Leader: François KOKAUANI



Fatuiva is the most isolated island of the archipelago. It has its roots in dances, away from major regional cultural influences.

150 people

Group Leader: Edgard TAMETONA

Taki Toa

Taki Toa

Tahiti Marquesas group

30 people

Toa Vii Fenua

Toa Vii Fenua

Tahiti Marquesas group.

30 people

Group Leader: Teikihokatoua Timau

Toa Huhina

Toa Huhina

Marquesas Group of Tahiti

30 people



Rikitea among the most eastern islands of French Polynesia. The delegation is composed of several from the Marquesas.

80 people

Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui

The Polynesian island will be represented by the famous band Ma'ara Nui whose dances are typical of the island : twirling and sensual.

41 people

Group Leader: Petero Tepano PAKARATI

How to come? Where to stay?

Transportation from Tahiti

Transportation at Hiva Oa


3 schuttle points marked “Info tourisme”

with this icon icon-infoon the map above

  • Quai Tahauku ;
  • Cité administrative d’Atuona aka center of the village
  • Taaoa au niveau des arrêts de bus

Here is the schedule of free shuttle

Wednesday 16 :

  • 8:00 Quai Tahauku -> Cité administrative
  • 12:00 – 15:00 Quai Tahauku -> Cité administrative
  • 16h30 Cité administrative -> Quai Tahauku
  • 18:30 Quai Tahauku -> Cité administrative
  • 20:00 – 22:00 Cité administrative -> Quai Tahauku
  • 22:00 Cité administrative -> Quai Tahauku

Thursday 17 :

  • 8:30 Quai Tahauku -> Cité administrative
  • 7:30 – 9:30 Quai Tahauku -> Cité administrative
  • 16h30 Cité administrative -> Quai Tahauku
  • 18:00 Quai Tahauku -> Cité administrative
  • 20:00 – 22:00 Cité administrative -> Quai Tahauku
  • 22:00 Cité administrative -> Quai Tahauku

Friday 18 :

  • 6:00 Quai Tahauku -> Cité administrative
  • 7:30 – 9:00 Quai Tahauku -> Cité administrative
  • 7:30 – 9:00 Cité administrative -> Taaoa
  • 12:00 – 13:30 Taaoa -> Cité administrative
  • 14:00 – 17:00 Cité administrative –> Quai Tahauku
  • 16h30 Cité administrative -> Quai Tahauku
  • 18:30 Quai Tahauku -> Cité administrative
  • 20:00 – 22:00 Cité administrative -> Quai Tahauku
  • 22:00 Cité administrative -> Quai Tahauku

Saturday 19

  • 8:30 Quai Tahauku -> Cité administrative
  • 8:00 – 10:00 Quai Tahauku -> Cité administrative
  • 16:00 – 18:00 Cité administrative -> Quai Tahauku
  • 18:30 Quai Tahauku -> Cité administrative

Accomodation in Hiva Oa



Guest House

Cabin boat at the port of Tahauku


Anchoring in Tahauku Bay

Your boat is welcome in Hiva Oa. Caution, at the Aranui 5 arrival, you will have to pull up the anchor to let her maneuver because it will be her first time entering this bay … We’re sorry, but the Matavaa also means community life. More technical details on the site Yellow Falg Guides

For any further question, feel free to contact us: hebergement@festivalmarquises2015.pf

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